To gather experience, know how and knowledge, to benefit from support and strengthening, from a group dynamic and a greater visibility impact, such are some of the reasons why a microfinance player in Luxembourg might want to join the LRTM.
The LRTM is an informal group of peers who are strongly committed to a common objective and rely on exchange and on joint efforts. Each member of the LRTM retrieves from this exercise solely to the amount of what he is willing to offer in return. The LRTM in itself only provides the trading table used to facilitate and organize the trade. Considering the potential that lies within microfinance and inclusive finance and the variety of skills of the different members of the Round Table, that is doing a lot.


Generally speaking, organizations of all kind strengthen their capacities, at both individual and group levels, by creating a network where they can exchange ideas, multiply knowledge and emanate common energy to fuel joint activities. The LRTM does all this for its members. Mainly focusing on national issues concerning the microfinance sector, advocating member positions that incorporate recognized “best practices” in microfinance and analyzing and supporting individual capacities in a variety of fields, the LRTM creates a controversially constructive scaffolding for the joint efforts for the development of microfinance and inclusive finance in Luxembourg.


Brochure-LRTMThe LRTM currently uses three methods of communication to increase the visibility of its individual members’ activities: regular member meetings; the LRTM website and brochure; and an active participation in various fora. By focusing on these tools the LRTM will increase public awareness of the sector, advocate its members’ positions on key issues, increase the possibility of shared projects, and allow other financial-sector members into microfinance. The knowledge brokering is used as an advisory tool to increase the visibility of the sector.